Export Business : How to write an export email proposal to international buyers?

Export Email Proposal

An export email proposal is the first impression to international buyers, so it should include what the buyers want. Read here to learn how to write an export email proposal.

Writing a proposal to international buyers may be simple, yet the most efficient way of introducing yourself and your product to potential buyers in the global market.

But what is a proposal letter?

A proposal letter is a brief description of your business and product. It consists of a table of contents, extensive project details, and essential business and product details. A well-written proposal is concise and conveys what the readers want to understand. 

Importance of export email proposal

A professionally written export proposal to international buyers has several advantages, some of which include:

  • A long last first impression
  • Positive brand image of your business and product
  • Easy way to demonstrate that your business adheres to quality standards

Types of export email formats

Below are a few of the most commonly used email formats to propose to international buyers.

  1. Trading company introduction email
  2. Pre-quotation emails
  3. Quotation emails 
  4. Invoice emails
  5. Negotiation emails
  6. Emails featuring shipment details
  7. Apology letters for the delay in shipment 
  8. Post-shipment or delivery-related emails
  9. Proof of delivery email
  10. Settlement of outstanding balance emails

How to write an export email proposal to international buyers?

The first thing any business owner needs to take care of when sending a proposal to international buyers is to address your business and products. Every country has a different mode of proposal letter; talking about India, the proposal email should be formal, and it always starts with addressing sir, madam, and more.

In contrast, the export email proposal in the USA and the UK starts with something other than sir or madam. They usually begin the mail addressing the first or last name of the person. You can also use Mr. and Ms. as a greeting when addressing people worldwide. Some other things to take care of include:

  • Language and Grammar
  • Flow of conversation
  • Legible and perfect for understanding

The subject of the email:

The subject is a crucial aspect of international communication. It also determines your email’s opening rate. If your email has a proper subject line, the opening rate will be high, and vice versa. A Subject line should be clear and concise, short, attractive, and convey the body of the email in a short space of a maximum of 50-60 characters.

Body of the email:

It is important to keep the email body simple and short, as international buyers appreciate reading a short and detailed email rather than a long one that beats around the bush.

Importance of short and straightforward emails:

International buyers appreciate the export email proposal that’s point-to-point rather than one that adds unnecessary information related to the business. The information that you share in the proposal email should be genuine. Providing illogical and illegal information in professional communication can create a wrong impression about your business. 

An export email proposal should be subtle, modest, and straightforward. It would help if you tried any guesswork and misunderstanding.

Conclusion of the email:

The closing part of your email should be genuine and have a relevant call to action. It should have a specific call to action, such as;

Waiting for your reply

Sharing the token number

Let me know if you like the samples

Waiting for your call

Should I consider the confirmation from your end?

Final Thoughts:

A good export email proposal proposes a corporation and outlines your company to potential clients. It does not guarantee the project but ensures a good catch. Making an effort while drafting an export email proposal is usually advised.

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