Payments from International Customers made easy

Receive your international payments without delay, at the best FX rates, with zero forex mark ups and fully compliant.

Global Collection Accounts​

Receive payments in 30+ currencies with your company bank accounts in US, UK, Europe & other countries-with transparent cost, no FX Markup & 100% Transparent.

How does it work?

After completing the KYC, you will get your Global Collection Accounts. Clients can pay you via direct bank transfer. No sign-up is required for your clients.


Client Bank Account

Local Bank transfer by the client to your EximPe Global Collection account


EximPe Global Collection Account

Received money in foreign currency and converted to INR


Indian Bank Account

Money is credited to the Indian Bank account within 24 hours

Make your collections​


Receive your money in India within a day.


Savings of up to 60% on FX Conversion compared to other methods


Buyers can make payments using local payment Methods to improve acceptance rates

Why use EximPe?

No Correspondent bank fees for the buyer​
No GST on FX Conversion​
Better FX Rates compared to normal Bank Rates​
Next Day FIRC for Compliance

Stop losing money on FX collections

Payer Fee
Receipt Fee
4.4% + $0.30
$3 per transaction
FX Spread
Withdrawal to India
7.4% + $0.30
2% + $3
Up to 3.0% + $90
Let’s see how much you could save using EximPe
How much money are you expecting to receive?
Invoice value
FX Rate
Platform Fee
Transaction Fee
Net Amount

Secure & Compliant


Your data is stored and protected behind multiple layers of authentication. Two factor authentication is enabled on your account for added security​.


RBI Compliant. Backed by AD1 banks. EximPe provide FIRC to next day, which you can provide your bank to get E-FIRC or E-BRC to apply for incentives.​


EximPe uses end to end encryption and strong data protection compliance to keep your account and data safe. We are audited by CERT-IN empanelled auditors​.

Client Testimonials

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You can visit to sign up. Our executives will get in touch with you to collect the KYC documents and complete the process to open your account.

Currently, you can receive local payments in US dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, and Canadian Dollars.

The required documents vary based on the type of company. Our executives will get in touch with you and guide you throughout the process. Once you have submitted the documents, the account will be opened within a day.

EximPe charges 1% as platform fees. There are no other charges for using the service.

No, all the funds received in your Global Bank Account will be moved to Indian the same day.

Your money will be credited to your Indian Bank account within 24-48 hours and converted to INR at the best rate. You’ll also receive an FIRA for the transaction.

Receiving money from EximPe is legal and regulated by the RBI. We use OPGSP Nostro via AD1 Indian banks, ensuring a secure transfer. You’ll receive an FIRA like any other wire transfer.

Change the way you receive your foreign collections