Empowering Indian Exporters with Export Payments Solution

Export Payments​

Receive payments from around the world with few clicks of a button. Supports more than 30 currencies.

Compliance Simplified

Fully digitalise your compliance, with minimal paperwork and on-time submissions

Access to Secure and Reliable credit

Hassle-free access to diverse credit products, ensuring smooth operations without working capital or cash flow concerns.


You can visit https://app.eximpe.com/auth/sign-up to sign up for an EXIM Payments account and complete the KYC to open an account.

We support 30+ currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, AED, etc

Basic company & prop documents are required for account opening.

For initiating any transaction you need Invoice copy, purpose code and request letter.

Yes, we provide same day FIRC at zero cost.

There are no limits on inward remittances. You can receive as much as $1Bn in single transaction.

We are PCI DSS Level1 Certified payments platform that works as per RBI & FEMA guidelines. Our periodic audit is done by CERT-IN empanelled auditors.

Change the way you receive your foreign collections